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Reviving the Community!

Well, UTR has passed another year!

Which of course means that it's time to start planning for next year, remembering that if we want things done we have to actually work on them, and posting pictures!

So! Anyone care to do the first honours? I seem to recall an excellent picture of Miss Lucy literally kissing the ground... then moving on to rolling around with it... she's a fast one! ;D

Also, a fun fact- did you know that the Spanish officially founded the city of Los Angeles on 4 September, 1781?

Here's a picture of the city center in 1869- it probably hadn't changed all that much in 90 years.
Things I need for UTR:
*= needs to be bought because while I'd love to make it, not enough time. XP
**= I have it.
Everything else I need to make. You'll get to see more detail as I make them, since everything for UTR I'm going to post here for the most part, not my private journal.

-2 new shifts
-2 new pairs of stockings*
-New stays. Al...most... dooone...! XP
-White fustian petticoat
-Shoes. **
-Fun ruffly nightgown.

-Quilted Petticoat
-Sacque Bedjacket

Day 1-
-Legion blue wool round gown (yeah, wool, I'm insane. It'll only be for a few hours though, between changing out of my jumps and into my dinner gown.)
-"The Dutch Porcelain" blue and white floral caraco OR the navy striped casquin, seeing as the DP and the FP caracos are the same, just different colours haha.

Day 2--
-1780s brown linen stripe round gown with front lacing from Janet Arnold POF 1.
-Cotton brown floral print jacket
-Lawn embroidered wraparound fichu, vandyked edge.

Day 3-
-"Loyalist" red striped floral cotton round gown
-"Fruit Punch" cotton floral caraco.

Day 4-
Same as my plane-wear.

Dinner, days 1-3:
-Either my frosted pink silk taffeta polonaise or my striped taffeta polonaise. we shall see which fabric is available. If the pink becomes available again, it'll be an actual evening gown- if not, the stripe will be a silk day gown, and that will just have to do for dinner.

So! Let the marathon begin! O.O

I'll be updating on progress...

Please feel free to post 'to-do' lists and progress posts here as well! I'd love to know what everyone is up to! :)


I'm thinking there aught to be two (in jest) 'teams', for Loyalists and Patriots for us civvies, since we can't let those military men have all the fun! I'm thinking we can have fun gang team names like "Join or Die" and "Loyal to Royal" HAHA.

Historically, I don't know how publicly anyone would be declaring their loyalties in Williamsburg, but since it IS Under the Redcoat, I'm feeling like those of us in the Tory camp might be a bit more inclined to stick out tongues out at the patriots while standing behind mummy's back. ^_^

I know for the American Civil War a lot of ladies like to do rosettes, pins, and cockades and such to show their support for their respective sides. Do we have any documentation of this kind of thing in the 18th century?

(A little disclaimer about this image- the British flag did not have the diagonal red cross prior to 1801. It would have been a clean white stripe.)


Here's one for all you patriots out there!

IS THIS NOT EPIC? His voice doesn't sound bad either haha! And that violin solo made me literally squeal! XD


Hello fine ladies and gentlemen!

Welcome to The World Turn'd Upside Down. This is a community where those of you who are/want to/have ever/may attend Colonial Williamsburg's Under the Redcoat are invited to come talk about the event, tell us about your plans (sewing a new gown, preparing your kit, complaining about flight prices...!), post something interesting about colonial life, or rally for your side of the engagement!

Whether you're an ardent loyalist, passionate patriot, or just an innocent bystander, we'd love to hear your take!

Under the Redcoat will take place from June 24-26, 2011 this summer in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA.

There is at present a CW advert in the margins. I find this amusingly fitting. ^_^